This is my favourite picture from the project.
Shannon guides us through 10 years of key moments in her own words
Photography by Abbie Trayler-Smith, text by Shannon Walton
One of mine and Abbie’s fave pics! Not long before this picture was taken, I had had the tat on my bum saying ‘KISS IT’; I had it done as a F*** YOU to all the bullies and people who doubted me in my life. I was gaining confidence; I was happy again. My life was going in the right direction and I could see progress in the near distance. THIS WAS ME, this was the person I have always dreamed of becoming.
This was a month or two after my operation. I was positive, happy with my weight loss and enthusiastic about my future. However, not long after this I become unwell with the balloon, I kept vomiting and could not keep anything down other than liquids and pureed food. My world started to crumble, I was doing so well and was so positive. I lost loads of weight when I was ill with the balloon, but it was not a healthy way.
One of my favourite photos. I had built myself up for this day for over a year. Knowing everybody will be looking at each other’s dresses and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hide away. This shows the real me, laughing and joking with friends. This is how I imagined my prom to be and why I built up the confidence to attend.
A day at the spa. We are all women of all shapes and sizes. If I want to stand and dry my hair in my underwear in the public changing room, I will!
My 19th birthday party at home. Alcohol always makes somebody cry, nothing a cuddle can’t fix.
People call it a girls’ night, but I call this therapy. Smiling even though my feet are hurting from all the dancing.
Seeing this picture always makes me smile, it’s me, the place I am the freest. I am at my happiest; I feel confident, loved, in love, independent and ambitious.
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