This project is dedicated to the 15 year old me. And to anyone out there who ever felt teenage angst. It is important to also give a special mention to my Dad, who I love very much. I understand your angst.

This work would not have been possible without the amazing people who have allowed me and are still allowing me into their lives. To the young people who said yes: you are brave and you are bold and I am in awe. To their families, thank you for trusting me. To Shannon, Kieran and mum Lorraine, the lovely Waltons and of course James. Chelsea, Lisa and Lee. Byron, Phil and Heidi. Vinay, Shilpa and Shivani. Sam and Stuart. Deana and Julie. Amelia and Anita. Mason and Rachel. Jack and Lisa. Tia and Panna. Michaela and Amanda. A big thank you to Kath Sharman at Shine for support and access throughout the 10 years, I am so impressed with your energy.

For support and encouragement and validation when I needed it the most… my first thank you goes to Harry Borden, for being the catalyst to bringing a dormant idea to action, and supporting me throughout. Huge heartfelt thank you’s also go out to: Fran Sears for being the first believer, Marina, Adrian, Sonia and everyone at Panos Pictures for everything you’ve done since we met, photographer Chris Morris for picking the first diamond, Fiona Rogers and Firecracker, Magnum Ideastap, The National Portrait Gallery, Oli Williams, Tove Iren Spissøy Gerhardsen and Jakob Jakobsen from Novo Nordisk, Ben Gilbert and The Wellcome Collection, James O Jenkins and A Fine Beginning, Sian Davey, Clementine Schniedermann, Lua Ribiera, Alice Zoo and Alys Tomlinson - The Emma’s and The Martin Parr Foundation who host us, and my bestie on the boat, Stephen Nugent for turning my video clips around so quickly.

This site would not have happened without Creative Director extraordinaire Claudine Boeglin whose energy and drive has helped me to bring this 10 year project together. Alongside the brilliant work from Jérôme Guckenheim the developer and Gianluca the designer, Claudine, I can’t thank you all enough.

To my son Florian Borden, thank you for being my greatest teacher, I love you
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